Who is Matthew?

I'm Matthew.  It's my 40th birthday party, and I'll cry if I want to.

I'm also someone who wants to give one last big hurrah for all the good things that being an EU citizen my whole adult life has meant to me.

Who is invited?

You're invited if you are some or all of the following:

  • a tango dancer
  • someone who wants to help me celebrate my birthday
  • someone who wants to celebrate the UK's membership of the EU, which will sadly end in March 2019

The more of those boxes you tick, the more likely you are to be happy joining the party!

By the way, you don't have to be an EU citizen yourself, of course.  I'd love to celebrate with tango dancers of the world, not just my little corner of it...

Go here to find the registration form.

Who will be DJing?

"Welcome to The Village. I'm the new Number Two.
Paul Strudwick

It's so nice to have Strudwick about,
He plays excellent tracks, without doubt,
If you're enjoying his tunes,
He'll be round again soon,
On his mighty Magic Roundabout

Bärbel Rücker

I know a great DJ named Rücker,
Who plays music so utterly pukka,
It's so nice to dance,
In Bärbel-induced trance,
Anybody who hears 'er will book 'er.

Anto Cosi
I know a disc-spinner named Anto,
Whose music is so elegant - oh,
We can only admire,
How she makes us desire,
To hear more and more and more and - oh.
Andreas Wichter
Mister Wichter shows how it is done,
To make dancing to tango such fun,
We're all on our toes,
Because only he knows,
What's the next cracking tune he'll put on.
Lynn Collins
Ricardo Peixoto
When Ricardo plays music you listen,
'cause there's nothing that's ever worth missin',
If he falters we'll fear,
That the end times are near,
But don't worry, he won't, we'll be blissin'.
Nick King

The thing about King, as you'll know,
Is how much he can alter the flow,
We might start really tired,
But we'll soon be inspired,
Then he'll kill us with Bésame Mucho.

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